"Vote and Greet" Vote for your favorite artist and Watch Live Variety Shows Online on 15 September 2019 !!!!


      For the first time .... "Vote and Greet" event will present LIVE Variety Shows for you to VOTE for your favorite artist including to watch live show of five special professional artists in Asia online along with the productions of lighting, color, and sound systems at the M Theatre which will create an incredible show that has never been seen before through Live streaming all over the world here on 15 Sep 2019 !!!!   

      Do you believe in Love? .... Concepts of the show will make you happy, enjoyable, and full of Love and Relationship. You will definitely be excited about these five incredible performances which will be relayed through the view of their love in real-time. !!!!!  

       Very special !!! "Vote and Greet" event will give you an opportunity to vote and support your favorite artists and their special shows. It is going to be very challenging for them. Every vote is so important because it will help to promote them plus you have a chance to receive many special rewards such as Right to attend exclusive Fan Meeting event with five artists of over 50 seats, A ticket to watch live show at M - Theater, Bangkok of over 700 seats on 15 Sep 2019. Moreover, there are many discount coupons including Hotels (Bangkok), Restaurants, and Shopping Centers for everyone. The more you vote, the more you will receive. !!!!!  

        Buy tickets to watch live show online and Vote for your favorite artists at www.liveloom.com (SUB ENG) or www.voteandgreet.com (SUB CHINA). Please get ready to watch and be part of this historical show performed for the first time all over the world on 15 Sep 2019.  

       For more information, please contact us at Facebook: VoteandGreetOfficial or Weibo: 大咖泰会玩官方微博.

Live at 15 September 2019 / 6:30 PM GMT+7
Live broadcast and Video on Demand
Access to both the mobile and computer
Support online payment system and bank transfer
1 ticket watch on 1 device at a time
Special deal for who haven't bought a ticket.
Special deal for first 500 people!!! Buy 100 votes for your favorite artist and cost you only $11US instead of $100US, plus you get to watch live show online for free!!!!
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Top 10 Voter
Dhanushka Chandrasiri 1.63K
ปัทมนันท์ กาญจนสมทรัพย์ 755
Kittiya Otong 571
Sivalee Koy 508
Napatsakorn Tongkaew 447
6 Hong Chu Hang 400
7 Qiu wen Wang 337
9 Pinsiri Mookda 252
10 Tikamporn Fakthongphan 222
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Van An 2.02K
keng huanting 1.73K
Susun Hensu 666
Chang Li Jen 520
Li yu 168
6 Jessada Promsuwan 120
7 david. david. 117
8 Chanikarn Kerdlaup 115
9 Thapat Pajongwong 110
10 Prueksa P 110
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Titawan Komkam 719
Nita Nitiya Intan Tanbrin 278
Ru R&Y 210
Paveena Gajasanee 144
Chamaiporn Wang-In 120
6 mei zi 115
7 XU HUAN 105
8 闫 玉环 100
9 Cindy Haung 100
10 Addy K 100
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Yuwadee Suteerakilad 202
c h 114
氧气 Tree 110
小鱼 张 106
孔 舒航同学 100
6 旺仔 娃 100
7 王 泽菲 100
8 Chang Li Jen 90
9 Chanitsiri Charnvithee 75
10 Mod Suttikunchorn 70
Top 10 Voter
สุทธิลักษณ์ เสียงสนั่น 286
สรรเสริญฤทธิ์ ชญาณีย์ 254
小鱼 张 224
Wang Yan 190
6 Xinxin Liang 175
7 Thawichaya Tungsaharangsee 141
8 Li Hui 139
9 A nuo 136
10 Huang RUI 127



“Om” Akapan Namatra

“Om” Akapan Namatra

Smart and handsome “Om” Akapan Namatra is a Thai actor who has many talents including his roles in films, theater plays, TV musicals and dramas. He is also well-known in Thai film “Phrachan Lai Phayak” which has won him the Golden TV award as best supporting actor. He has become one of the rising stars in Thai film industry.

For this exclusive show, he will present a new version of his three special songs under the concept of Love's Reincarnation. It will make everyone very thrilled of the Thai fiction love story combined with singing a song that is written to thank his fans. It will be a fascinating show of all time. Watch his show online via Live streaming on 15 Sep 19. 

#VoteandGreet #TeamOm #VoteOM  

Joyce Chu

Joyce Chu

A beautiful actress and singer from Malaysia “Joyce Chu” has enormous fan support throughout Asia because of her many talents. She is also famously known as a song-writer and Ukulele player around the world. Her song "Malaysia Chabor" has won five K­-song awards, and “I Miss You (好想你)” has gathered over 50 million views on YouTube. Moreover, she is the main actress in Malaysian film “Young & Fabulous” and recently performed in Thai film “FriendZone” that makes people falling in love with her.

For this exclusive show, she will sing two of her most famous songs under the concept of Love's Attraction. It will make everyone very excited and surprise her Thai fans with Thai style singing that has never been performed anywhere before. Watch her show online via Live streaming on 15 Sep 19.

#VoteandGreet #TeamJoyceChu #VoteJoyceChu

“Tina” Suppanad Jittaleela

“Tina” Suppanad Jittaleela

“Tina” Suppanad Jittaleela is a very gifted Thai singer and actress who is widely known for her role in movie “Yes or No” film. The film is far better than anyone has expected. which makes her instantly becoming a superstar among her fans here and abroad, especially in China.

For the exclusive show, She will be singing a special song is written just for you under the concept of Love's Connection of creating love to connect with everyone around the world. One of them “Gentle Sun” will have a new version with Chinese lyrics. The other “Phleng Khong Thoe” is a new song that is created to thank her fans who has always supported her. It will be an amazing show of all time. Watch her show online via Live streaming on 15 Sep 19. 

#VoteandGreet #TeamTina #VoteTina

"Kee" Kong Shu Hang

"Kee" Kong Shu Hang

Charming and attractive “Kong Shu Hang (孔舒航)” or Kee from China is always known for the love of his singing and dancing. He is a leader of TimeZ boyband which is the first Korean group to debut in Chinese on Korean stage. They have received so many awards including the Mnet Asian Award, MAMA Award and New Asian Artist Award. Moreover, he is one of main actors in popular TV series "Youth does not hate the night” and "Detective Mentor". His latest romantic shows include "The Beats" and “I love you, this is the best arrangement"

For this exclusive show, he will present his special shows under the concept of Love's Creation which is newly created both singing and dancing with his style to thank his fan and exclusively conclude it for the first time to sing Thai song which will tell a story of relationship between us. It will definitely be a big surprise at the show. Watch his show online via Live streaming on 15 Sep 19. 

#VoteandGreet #TeamKee #VoteKee

“Pchy” Witwisit Hiranyawongkul

“Pchy” Witwisit Hiranyawongkul

Handsome, friendly, and talented Thai actor “Pchy” Witwisit Hiranyawongkul, also known as “Pchy” August band, is very popular for his role in "The Love of Siam" film. He is absolutely a great singer with an amazing voice in “Together” and “Fortunately I met you” which has received over 50 million views on YouTube. He has been very famous in China as well as the other counties.

For the exclusive show, he will present a new version of his three favorite songs under the concept of Love's Passion. It’s created to thank his fans who have always been supporting him. Also, it’s going to be a very big surprise for you all to see it for the first time. Watch his show online via Live streaming on 15 Sep 19.  

#VoteandGreet #TeamPchy #VotePchy